There is always that one person.
One person who changes our live more than anyone else. No one else is able to change our perspective on life.
One person that destroys our heart with love and warmth. But in the end, that warmth can diminish or continue to grow. And if it grows, we learn to love deeply, and open our heart to the world.

However, that one person can also burn the love we hold. They may hurt the deepest core of the soul without any hesitation. No one will ever be able to replace them because there has been no one you will ever love with such strength. They are the reason for your existence and their presence becomes a vital source of light.

The warmth inside seems to fade with their absence. We try to play tricks on the mind and eventually, we pretend that they are with us in spirit, even though our subconscious is trying to bring us back to reality.

Is this love? Being able to care for someone so deeply, even though they are long gone. You will do anything to remind them that you love them, but in the end, it’s a worthless attempt. Many people will come into our lives, but no one is as special as that person. That one person.

One person who you poured your heart out too.

One person who wiped your tears away.

One person who reminded you that you needed to keep living.

One person who pulled you away from the horrors of the world.

One person that you will always truly love.


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