Pastime of a Flower

Everyone has a pastime. Whether it is playing a sport or going shopping, we all have something that draws us away from the outside world. For me, makeup and hair have always been topics of interest to me, in fact, I use different makeup colors to show how I feel that day. My face becomes my canvas and my hands make magic with colors. In the end, the final piece is a little bit of my soul. It shows who I am, and how I release my emotions. For example, whenever I’m having a bad day, my makeup is relatively dark. The eye shadows used are black, dark brown, grey, and sometimes, dark blues. However, whenever I feel spontaneous or happy, the colors can be nudes, pinks, golds or light purple. It all depends on the day and my mood.

Nevertheless, one of my closest friends is one of the most talented makeup artist’s I’ve ever met.She has been doing her makeup for years, but every single time that she tries new techniques, it always comes out beautifully. She recently posted a video of her first makeup tutorial, which has reached over 200 views. She has such a simplicity to the forms of makeup that she has done, but she is a perfect example of a person with an amazing talent.  Her pastimes have released stress for her  as well, it an artsy form of therapy.

Check out her video, and find a pastime. Find something you love to do, and in the end, allows you to relax and remove yourself from any stress or problems. 🙂



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