First Kiss

10 reasons why your first kiss is unforgettable

1. It’s a rite of passage.

The first kiss seems to be a celebration of a coming of age. Many teenagers experience their first kiss when they’re 14 or 15 years of age, but it seems like a fundamental moment. Once you go through your first kiss, the word of love and intimacy opens up. There is no clarity about what it is, but it is a way of learning and experiencing love


2. The butterflies.

Do you remember your first kiss? Do you remember that funny feeling in your stomach? It was this odd feeling, as if something was flying around, right? Something like butterflies? There was nothing that would ever replace that feeling; it was wonderful and beautiful. The emotion was real, the pounding hearts beating excessively.


3. The setting 

We’re so used to watching romantic films and seeing the generic scene with the kiss in the rain. However, when we experience our first kiss, it seems like that moment continues to replay in our heads. Plus, the location of where it happened becomes a very significant place in our heart. We may walk past it and smile.


4. Preparation

Whenever we have a significant other, we seem to attempt to make our appearance as exquisite as possible. There are several things done prior to a date. For example, girls will do their makeup and boys will wear their nicest jeans. These simple details become crucial before the moment, therefore, there is chemistry between the two.


5. Sweaty palms 

Before a date, there are nerves. However, they are different nerves from the ones we have when we have a test. These are the nerves of a lover, the nerves that something will go wrong and they will push you away. The nerves that the lover is not accepting of who you are. Your hands begin to sweat and your heart pounds as they draw closer. You try to shake off the sweat, but the heat intensifies. Finally, your fingers touch their face and the time stops.


6. Time stops.

Your heads are touching, nothing else matters. The seconds continue, but at this moment, you feel like the entire world stood still to watch this moment. No one will interrupt this for you, and you wish that this moment could be captivated for the rest of your life. Your lips touch, this is it. The air is no longer brushing your cheek, in fact it wait for that kiss to begin.


7.A gasp of air.

A soft lips touches your lip and all of the emotions explode! It seems like your lips are dancing, there is a rhythm that they had never known, but are relatively comfortable with the steps. The moment continues and the memories grow inside. But then something happens, there is a pause. The excitement inside has caused the lungs to come to a halt, they need a simple gasp of air.

love is in the air

8. The smile

“Oh no”, you think, “he/she didn’t like it”. They break away from your grasp and your heart worries that they realized you are not ‘the one’, but then a smile crosses their face. That smile speaks volumes; all you can think about is how they enjoyed that simple moment. There is a sigh of relief that escapes your body, but after that moment, a boost of confidence is given to us. You know that that moment was not only especial for you, but it was significant to them too.


9. The beginning

That night you spend it remembering their touch, their gentleness and grace. Nothing seems to be disturbing you as your mind replays the memory, but it begins to fade as the relationship grows. There are so many kisses and embraces, that we forget about how it all began. It’s not until the end, that you remember that moment again, whether it brings you tears or a smile, it will always be there.

cute lovers

10. The end of a fairy tale

That kiss leads to a spark, a spark that may last for a long time or for a few days. But that kiss will never escape your mind, in fact, it will be the root of your love story. Many loves will come and go, but none of them will ever leave you with another first kiss. They may bring many new experiences and joys, but no one will ever be able to change that first kiss. A simple kiss opens to heart and exposes it to the love of others. The memory will be stored in our attic, but when we pull it out, it will be like being a teenager all over again.



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