Cough Syrup

Words. Have you ever thought about the power that words have? A simple word could make a person smile on a bad day. But, have you also thought about how another simple word could end a life in a split second? Sometimes you don’t need a knife or a gun to end a life, it could simply be because of one word. The abuse of words has been transformed into a hobby for many people. In order to feel satisfied with themselves and hide their insecurities, they feast on watching others suffer. This is called bullying, ever heard of it? 

Most children and teenagers are victims of bully’s at an extremely young age. They meet that one kid that has a selective group of friends. These kids are usually the popular, rich kids or the kids from bad family situations. Nevertheless, these kids find the one kids that seems to be friendly and they simply don’t like by their external features. A bully begins with a simple glance around the room, they smell the fear and crawl to their prey.

At first, everything begins with ‘funny’ jokes that everyone laughs at, but the jokes become morea aggressive. The bully will do anything possible to find the darkest secrets inside of their victims hearts. There are no boundaries or limitations in humiliation. Slowly, the words grow to become an uncontrollable monster. At this point, the victim may be completely lost. And in many situations, the school administration may have overlooked the extremity of the problem. This innocent little one has no one to rely on for help, and that’s when the situation enters a stage of life or death. 

No one wants to listen or believe what this kid says, for many reasons. But the child jumps to extreme conclusions, they begin to release their pain. But they ask themselves one questions, “what’s the point of life if all I feel pain”. From this point, their answers are deadly. A bullied child is most susceptible to eating disorders, self mutilations and suicide.

Do you understand the amount of people that have died due to bullying!? More than 40,000 people have committed suicide due to bullying…. 40,000 people every single year. Is that a big enough number for you to take a stand? Next time you see someone being bullied, don’t wait for someone else to get up and fight for what’s right…. Get rid of your pride of being judged and say something.

Until people understand the dangers of their words, this will never end. Ask yourself, how would you feel if someone close to you died because they had no one to seek refuge in…

So, what will you do?


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