A simple Goodbye

This is the final post! Thank you for bearing with me! You have all been amazing and I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to write a blog! I guess my final words would simply be, Don’t forget that there will always be a reason to keep going….

Try to find a pastime that interests you, or a specific event that gives you a boost of hope. There are so many thing that you could do to distract yourself from the outside world. A person I once cared for dearly once told me, “there will always be a reason for your life, and even if the day seems to be dark and cold, the light and warmth are a few steps away”. 

You have to keep trying to endure and know that no matter what the situation may be, life has a plan for you. It may seem hard and difficult to understand, but there is always a reason for the darkness. People will walk into your life and walk out, it’s very simple. But one has to learn to find the motivation to keep going and understanding that everything will be fine. 

Nothing in life comes easy, but there are many thing that are a bit harder to endure, but never impossible. 

Find that hope, that joy, that no matter what happens, you know you can believe in to push you to the end. 

So long and farewell! 

Keep smiling, you’re beautiful 


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